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[Verse 1]

Tell me what's the point of ballin if you lose it like Steve Fran-
yes man get ya head twisted dome tree branched
a champagne bottle for your efforts look at none as lesser
the second that you did it lost ya ride or die's respect huh?
spit spiritual sex wine im too indulgent
guapo gordo on lazy unless the booth is open
im tryin mean that shit but fuck all of the politicking
seen real niggas go fake from social swallow dicking/swear
listen mommi rockin tommy sport with that physique
ya body fine ya mind finer love it when we speak
deep brown with the conversation she love the god why she askin bout my congregation
exclamation point the whole damn dialogue shorty who keep it realer than the god them niggas trying hard lets stay deep involved in the meantime in between time check the scene time king grab a queen time (let's cut the bullshit)

verse 2

And plus im feelin like a new man black like two tans
cool as two fans fly like toucans shit you don't know how i move fam
chopped like a soul break flex cuz ya soul fake snowflake niggas don't invent just appropriate
gods chill in dark rooms smoke an dprocreate spoke the golden great bust a grape while i kiss her nape
shrill habits, sippin distilled magic
i wrote black prose for those who will have it in the field shit's real
youngins became savage
Abel forgave Caine but Caine is still maddened
Jesus is still saddened like why father they fail us still
Son patience they can get there turn our hopes to will
Lord willin tho warm me when the winter cold so i ain't exposed like these thots in the centerfolds
keep it realer than i should prolly
fuck a blog post as long as the hood got me OBVI


released February 16, 2014



all rights reserved